Considered one of the best noodle soups in the world by the late Anthony Bourdain, bún bò Huế is a spicy broth of beef, rice noodles và chilli. This delicious bowl originated in the Imperial đô thị of Huế, during the reign of the Nguyen dynasty from 1802 till 1945. Luckily, you don’t need to head to Huế lớn find this meaty dish – try it at these 10 spots in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

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From recipes that remain true to lớn the original, to lớn those tailored to sweeter southern Vietnamese tastebuds, here are the đứng top 10 spots in Saigon where you can find a nice big bowl of bún trườn Huế.

One of the longest standing bún bò Huế spots in Ho chi Minh City, Bún bò Huế Đông cha has been serving fresh bowls since the 1920s. In a city where establishments close regularly, this is an amazing feat. They have been serving the same consistent recipe: considered a family secret, passed down through generations. The restaurant is not fancy by any means, but that does not deter the loyal clientele who have been dining here over the years. Thanks lớn its central location, you can enjoy a lunch here after visiting the Central Post Office và Notre Dame Cathedral.

Bún bò Huế phái mạnh Giao started as a small humble vendor on Bùi Viện street and thanks lớn its delicious take on the classic soup, the venue has now expanded into a decently-sized restaurant. The broth is definitely the star, thanks to the generous use of lemongrass & shrimp paste. You’re given a variety of additional greens and condiments to mix with your bowl – just be careful on the number of seemingly harmless green chilli slices you put in. Besides good bún bò, this place also serves great mì quảng, another central Vietnamese speciality. Due to the form size of your bún bò Huế though, Culture Trip recommends you go a second time to lớn try their mì quảng, when your belly is less stuffed.

Standing out on Mac Dinh chi street thanks lớn its big red sign, Bún bò Huế 31 may look a bit old và worn down, but this is only because it has been at the exact same location for almost 30 years. Nothing about the bún trườn can be faulted here – the portions are huge, with generous amounts of ingredients and at the right amount of spicy. The pork knuckle is melt-in-your-mouth tender. Ask for “tô đặc biệt quan trọng đủ thứ,” and you will get a big bowl full of all the ingredients in the shop. You can even watch as the chefs cook up your meal behind a screen.

Located on the intersection of Võ Văn Tần & Nguyễn Thượng hiền street, this restaurant is half indoors, half outdoors – with the outdoor bit being just a small di động cart, proudly displaying all the ingredients used khổng lồ make a bowl of bún bò. It’s extremely fun watching the owner make the dish, as she throws in a chunk of noodles, some herbs, veggies và meat into a bowl, & then pours piping hot broth over it. There is no need for additional garnishing here as the broth is made to perfection. The real highlight in this bowl is the hunk of oxtail. Tender with a slight lemongrass flavor, you’ll likely find yourself asking for seconds.

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There’s no need khổng lồ travel all the way khổng lồ Huế khổng lồ find a Huế-style bún bò. The owner of Tây Lộc is from Huế, & she has carried her family recipe hundreds of miles all the way down lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh City. Located in the less busy side of District 1, the bowls served here spare no expense. As meaty as a bowl of bún bò can get, it’s still surprising how cheap it is. A bowl and a drink is approximately VND $48,000 ($2 USD), making this spot great at the over of the month when you’re running low on cash.

A favourite among locals near and far, Bún bò Út Hưng is extremely lively during opening hours. The bún trườn served here is cooked following a special recipe from An Cựu, an old village in Huế – but that is the only information let on by the staff. The broth here is wonderful: a smooth beef flavor with red oil flakes floating about and salted to perfection, with a slight lemon tinge.

As the name suggests, this bún trườn joint is located in an alleyway off trần Quang Diệu street (“hẻm” in Vietnamese means “alleyway”). Once located in Lý chính Thắng street, thanks to their success, they were able lớn move to a bigger space. Still no fine dining experience though, but you’ll be able to lớn enjoy a delicious hearty bowl of bún trườn after exploring the tourist attractions in District 3. Besides bún bò, you can find other specialities from Huế on the menu. You will notice the flavors are slightly altered to suit the tastes of the Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố dwellers – less spicy and sweeter.

One of the more upscale venues in this list, Bún trườn Xưa is a great place lớn enjoy this classic dish. An air-conditioned venue decorated to look like a house from the Vietnamese countryside, with bamboo chairs và tables, wooden doors and windows, và village music played on speakers, the experience of eating a bún trườn here is unmatched. The thực đơn not only serves bún bò, but a variety of other Vietnamese dishes, và there is also an extensive drinks và dessert menu. This joint is xuất hiện all day & night, meaning it’s a great place to stop at after a heavy night out.

Bún bò Huế Hạnh is the most popular bún bò spot in tan Binh district. Started 30 years ago by a Huế native, the recipe here stays true khổng lồ the original bún trườn found in its đô thị of origin. Attentive và quick service, with affordable prices & delicious bowls made using fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong choosing khổng lồ dine here.

With six locations in the city, Bún bò Sông mùi hương is one of the most popular spots in Saigon for this dish. Despite its popularity, don’t expect anything fancy – it’s a typical Vietnamese restaurant with small stools & tables, often full, with people eating in a hurried manner. The portions served are large, with big chunks of meat & a large helping of noodles. Served with this is a basket of greens & sauces, but make sure you taste the broth before you add any other condiment. It’s good as it is.

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